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Advoselect is the definitive European network for German-speaking commercial law firms. Members include law firms all over Germany, as well as in Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and – going beyond Europe – even in Brazil. Most member law firms are made up of an average of five lawyers, specialise in commercial law, and work predominantly with small to medium-sized businesses.

The network was founded in early 1992 as Advoselect EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping). An EEIG is a legal entity launched in 1989 that makes it easier for European companies to work together and provide joint services. The activities carried out by the ever-growing network are now pooled together as Advoselect EEIG and Advoselect Service AG.

Benefits for member law firms include ongoing opportunities to share experience, a system for cross-border client mediation, efficient knowledge management with exclusive access to specialist information, and being part of a brand that is respected for quality all over Europe and thus boosts marketing potential for all the individual law firms.