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Advoselect is the definitive European network for German-speaking commercial law firms. Members include law firms all over Germany, as well as in Austria, Denmark, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Russia. Most member law firms are made up of an average of five lawyers, specialise in commercial law, and work predominantly with small to medium-sized businesses.

The network was founded in early 1992 as Advoselect EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping). An EEIG is a legal entity launched in 1989 that makes it easier for European companies to work together and provide joint services. The activities carried out by the ever-growing network are now pooled together as Advoselect EEIG and Advoselect Service AG.

Benefits for member law firms include ongoing opportunities to share experience, a system for cross-border client mediation, efficient knowledge management with exclusive access to specialist information, and being part of a brand that is respected for quality all over Europe and thus boosts marketing potential for all the individual law firms.

Specialist committees and working groups

A key element of our network’s activities is sharing expertise between member law firms. A number of specialist legal committees and interdisciplinary working groups have been set up to facilitate this process.

Specialist legal committees

Specialist committees have been established to focus specifically on commercial and corporate law, property and construction law, employment law, insolvency law and financial recovery, and international legal transactions. Led by a permanent chairperson and with five to fifteen members each, the committees provide a forum for debating current issues in their respective specialist areas, sharing experience from legal practice, launching joint projects and agreeing topics for seminars to be offered.


Working groups

Our interdisciplinary working groups are open to all lawyers at our member law firms. Their primary focus is on current developments in the fields of marketing and quality management. There is also a “Young Lawyers” working group dedicated to issues that are specifically of interest to newly qualified members of the legal profession.

Members’ meeting

Our members’ meetings provide the perfect opportunity to meet other lawyers within our network. The meetings take place twice a year – once in Germany and once elsewhere in Europe. One special feature of our members’ meetings is that we always hold them in a city where an Advoselect law firm is based. This law firm thus acts as host and has the opportunity to introduce other members to the firm, the city, the country and the relevant legal system.

Specialist legal committees and “non-specialist” working groups are also included in the programme. The mandatory items on the agenda are the Advoselect EEIG members’ meeting and the Advoselect Service AG general meeting, where partners and stakeholders are kept informed about our current financial position and future projects.

Of course, there are plenty of further opportunities for our partners to get to know each other on a personal level during the rest of the organised programme (e.g. through guided tours, theatre visits, closing dinner, etc.).

Management Board


Viktoria Maruschka has worked at the Advoselect Service AG offices in Giessen since 2012, and was appointed Managing Director of Advoselect Service AG in 2014.

With a degree in business administration, she acts as the main contact at Advoselect for member law firms, partners and prospective applicants to the network.

Contact: info(at)