Becoming a member

Our carefully conducted admission procedures ensure that the
interested law firm and our group really fit each other and that new members feel that they are in good hands with us. Membership is open to all law firms with a practical focus on business law.

In addition, the law firm should…

  • have a pronounced willingness to be client-orientation;
  • view as self-evident the necessity of meaningful planning and
    delivery of value-creation and business processes;
  • regularly define and implement individual marketing measures;
  • regularly determine a company strategy, in addition to defining
    the objectives, and monitor its achievement;
  • define the key indicators in an annual plan and measure their
    success by controlling.

If interested, please contact our Managing Director, Viktoria Maruschka.


In principle, Advoselect membership is open to all law firms in Europe that specialise in commercial law.

In addition, law firms should…

  • place particular emphasis on good communication and be willing to take part in the members’ meetings we hold in Europe twice each year.
  • provide highly client-focused legal services in German.
  • have dynamic marketing strategies in place.
  • set out their key objectives in an annual planning process and measure results with regular monitoring.

Join Now

Are you and your law firm interested in making the most of the benefits the Advoselect network provides? If so, please let us know! As Advoselect’s Managing Director, Viktoria Maruschka is always happy to provide support in person or by phone on the steps you will need to complete, from your initial application right through to successful membership.

Contact details are available via the menu on the left. We are also happy to advise you in person at our office; please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Our address is Bismarckstrasse 5, 35390 Giessen. Instructions for how to find us are provided below.

If interested, please contact our Managing Director, Viktoria Maruschka.