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Advoselect offers its members…


1. Marketing – tool: Magazine, website, online news
2. Professional development: Specialist seminars (in accordance with Sec. 15 of the German Regulations on Specialist Lawyers – Fachanwaltsordnung / FAO)
3. Basis Europe – projects: European cooperations
4. Knowledge pool: eRoom = Intranet, know-how database
5. Sharing experiences: Biannual members’ meeting, benchmarking
6. Purchasing association: JUVE, Beck-Online Premium, Hösch & Partner
7. Project development: QM system with certification, process planning
8. Sales organization: Client acquisition program


The network supports its member law firms with seminars on a wide range of topics aimed at the professional development of staff and partners. After all, ongoing knowledge transfer is one of Advoselect’s key areas of activity.

This page provides information on a selection of seminars to be held over the next few months. For questions and enquiries relating to the seminar programme, please contact Advoselect Managing Director Viktoria Maruschka, who will be happy to assist you.

Marketing Working Group

The marketing working group focuses on modern, efficient and effective marketing strategies for commercial law firms. Meetings are open to all lawyers at Advoselect member law firms and are used to present new marketing tools, share experience and showcase best practice examples from all over Europe.

For dates of upcoming meetings, questions about matters raised at past meetings or enquiries about the marketing working group’s ongoing work, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A special service for members of Advoselect

There are special risks involved with the profession as attorney. Therefore, all professionals and firms should give thought to the particular risk and pension management. In doing so, it is critical to have a reliable partner to provide advice.

Hoesch & Partner GmbH Insurance Brokers specializes in the unique needs of the regulated professions and ranks thousands of attorneys, notaries, tax advisors, and auditors among its satisfied customers.

Independence, more than 25 years of experience, over 75 successful top consultants, and around 70,000 customers are proof and a guarantee of professional support. Hoesch & Partner operates nationwide with regional offices in Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Leipzig, Stuttgart, and Munich. Press reports, top marks in tests, and recommendations, inter alia, by Focus, €uro, F.A.Z., €uro am Sonntag, and Capital, as well as collaborations with other institutions, confirm our competence.

The services offered include all relevant areas: from insurance for property damage liability insurance to personal risk and pension management for associates and partners, and up to a company pensions. Take advantage of the financial benefits of our framework agreement (e.g., group contracts) with Hoesch & Partner and request a review of your existing insurance policies (Am I adequately protected? Are there cheaper alternatives to my insurance?).

For mor information, click here!

Client magazine „Advoselect News“

One of the services the network provides for its members is the “Advoselect News” client magazine. Featuring a range of articles by professional journalists with legal experience, four print issues are published each year. The four-page magazine is delivered to member law firms ready for dispatch so that they can pass it on to clients as a key source of information.

As an additional service, law firms can also opt to customise the first page of the magazine with their own articles. This gives the firms the chance to integrate their own brand image and particular expertise. For law firms that choose not to provide their own information, Advoselect ensures that the specially designed magazine is delivered in good time with standardised articles on the first page. The news features are tailored to our member law firms’ interests and cover commercial law topics relevant to small to medium-sized businesses.

Online newsletter for websites and email marketing

Advoselect also offers digital online news updates that can be sent out as customised law firm newsletters and cover topics including commercial law, corporate law, employment law and tax law. These are sent directly from our head office to our member law firms, who can then quickly select the relevant client mailing list or simply publish the information on their websites.

The online newsletter for websites and email marketing thus helps member law firms to position themselves locally as top-quality partners in the field of commercial law for the long term. This gives law firms a competitive edge over other local alternatives and also provides an additional aspect of ongoing knowledge transfer within the network.